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Visit to J. Press

After missing out on my opportunity to visit the flagship J.Press store in New York last weekend, I had a chance to stop by the Cambridge location while here in Boston. As this was my first stop at a J. Press, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount and variety of sports coats, ties and sweaters available, even in what was a rather small outpost.

It appeared to me that compared to a Brooks Brothers brick and mortar, J. Press had a much more interesting selection of colors and designs, at what is essentially the same price point. Sure, the Shaggy Dog sweaters are a bit much at $245, but a sport coat at roughly double that isn’t so bad, assuming you are in the market. I could have easily spent an entire paycheck in this place, but came out solely with the green knit tie above (not too skinny, not too fat), which should make for a nice Fall addition.

Definitely wish these were out on the West coast.

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    You should try the New Haven store, where it all started. I swear you can smell the cigars and pipes of 1940.
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