Driving in Cars with Pocket Squares

A hastily organized and poorly photographed catalog of purely ornamental pieces of thrift store fabric. Also, other things.

The Polo Coat

Often while thrifting I come upon items that I just can’t not buy. This particular coat is one of them.

What we have here is a classic piece of menswear, if not #menswear, the polo coat. Named after a coat worn to polo matches (and not the Polo brand), the classic polo coat is double-breasted, often in a camel color and features peaked lapels.

This particular garment displayed above has all the usual features, plus patch pockets, beautiful horn buttons, a belted back and tons of visible handiwork.

Although there is no date or maker, my best guess based on the union label would date this item to the late 1960’s/early 1970’s.

As a Los Angeles resident, and the owner of way too many unnecessary overcoats already, I would love to make this item available to a follower (old or new) at a very reasonable price who could give it a loving home. The chest measures out at 24” pit-to-pit, perfect for someone who wears a 44 suit or thereabouts.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to message me at your leisure.


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